UC Berkeley

The inquiry of the studio is probing into the evolution of formation in the practice of architecture. The desire to escape non-cartesian aesthetics has its precursors, which projects most often remain in the realm of theoretical and unbuilt work. The proliferation of digital literacy in architectural production, together with readily-accessible knowledge in advanced material technology such as nanotechnology informs and inspires new readings of theory, new methods of conceptualization and construction resulting in buildable ideologies.

Accepting the pretext (both political and economics) of building enterprise, the studio focuses on both formal and performative characters of materials. Challenging the manufacture standard of use and specification, the studio explores possibilities of manufactured material with standard unit size readily available while pushing its limits of performative properties.

As an analogy, we borrow the basic core concepts of molecular nanotechnology, which is capable of producing materials at precise desired performative properties. This design approach toward materials defines new territories of existing products, and allows them to perform complex task and highly idiosyncratic in forms, yet simple and systematic in its assembly by means of self-selective replication.

Design Team:
Student Work By: UC Berkeley graduate students: Claudio Martonffy, Julia Storek, Dong Suh, Lucy Begg, Will Oren, Nagisa Yano, Emily Gosack, Gretchen Till, Goran Wang, Marie Sorensen, Ariane Fehrenkamp, Sara Evans, Andrew Volckens