Augmented Landscape

Bangkok, Thailand

The workshop will locate a site(s) within the Campus that is perceived to be conditionally “hard” in its configuration. The worksshop will investigate potential conductivity of the site as an alternative communal activity area. During this intensive two-week exploration, participants will re-create an “urban” landscape and construct a new, full-scale tectonic interface that transforms this location into a “soft condition.” (Through readings and discussions, the term “soft” will be expanded beyond general associations). In the context of this workshop, “soft” describes a condition that is not only literally responsive to touch, but it also describes a topological configuration that is continuous deformation when respond to other inputs such as programmatic flexibility, heat (temperature change), visual shift, structural loads (stress/strain), and etc. Working in teams, students will pursue making methodologies that push the typical boundaries of architectural material syntax, and will gain hands-on experience through the fabrication of a full-scale intervention.

Design Team:
Raveevarn Choksombatchai, Workshop Leader, Kamonsin Chathurattaphol, Host Representative, and thirteen students from INDA program: Hataichanok J. (Xin), Nitiporn S. (Toey), Jirapat V. (Pat), Kwansupa (Ping), Woraphin L. (Phin), Pratak P. (Nin), Jatikarn R. ( Peach), Rawinthira N. (Jelly), Lila L. (Kiko), Chanapai L. (Big), Tool Nampanwiwat, Ittiwat K. (Jeep), Tamon S. (Tip)