Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, CA

Ellipsis Reprise is a performance, which combines electronic soundscape with 3D animation and site-specific architectural installation. Presented on March 9, 2012, Ellipsis Reprise, performed as an evening event, took over the 1970 building of the Berkeley Art Museum (designed by a San Francisco architect, Mario Ciampi in 1964).

The original Ellipsis was a music and art installation created by Kristin Jones, Andrew Ginzel and Edmund Campion for the Acquario Romano in Rome in 1995. Ellipsis-Reprise (2012) consists of a continual algorithmic toccata performed at the piano by Edmund Campion. The slowly evolving harmonies feed the Cardew Choir their material for singing. Other voices throughout the museum respond to the choir’s voices and join in the singing. The piece ends with a fantasy postlude that features Edmund Campion interacting with computer music software that he has designed over the last decade.

In responding to Campionʼs soundscape within the 1970 interior of the Berkeley Art Museum, the architecture installation makes visible the geometric relations of its forms and volumes, the algorithm that ultimately defines sensual experience of its space. It took under five miles of polypropylene twine at 210 lbs tensile strength to take whole of the Museum interior. Ellipsis-Reprise creates the rhythmic complexity of spatial experience through both visual and auditory sensation, transforming this modern interior of the museum into a sensual environment of an acoustic apparatus.

Design Team:
Dream (2009) 10′ projected 3D animation with electronic soundscape by: Claudia Hart, 3D Animator and Edmund Campion, Music Composer Recumulation (2011) 7′ projected 3D animation with electronic soundscape by: Claudia Hart, 3D Animator and Edmund Campion, Music Composer Ellipsis-Reprise (2012): Architectural Installation by Raveevarn Choksombatchai
Design Team: Raveevarn Choksombatchai, Designer, Norbert Wong, Assistant Designer Fabrication & Installation: Raveevarn Choksombatchai, Norbert Wong, Julian Harake, Ryan MacLeod, Ben Golze, and Sudthida Cheunkarndee with support of UC Berkeley students, including students from the School of Architecture, Dustin Moon, Liz Kee, Rebecca Smith, and Levon Fox, as well as students from Professor Campion’s Music Now class. Soundscape
Piano and Live Electronics: Edmund Campion Voices: <br/>The Cornelius Cardew Choir, Tom Bickley, Director<br/>Benjamin Tinker, Eric Theise, Sarah Stiles ,Katherine Setar, Dean Santomieri, Nathan Rosquist, Angela Roberts, Eric Glick Rieman, Laurie Polster, Ann O’Rourke, Kalonica McQuesten, Marianne Tomita McDonald, Bob Marsh, Gretchen Jude, Cathryn Hrudicka, Frances Hopson, Alex Kruckman, Juliayn Coleman, Diane Caudillo, Emmy Brockman, Tom Bickley, Nancy Beckman Augmented Voices:<br/>In addition, a number of upper-balcony voices have volunteered to augment the choir and include: Robin Estrada, Paul Paroczia, Stella Chung, Seenia Hong, Katherine Chen, Yonatan Landau, Dylan Moore, Cindy Cox, Michael Zbyszynski, Sophia Campion, Jacqueline Campion, Danielle DeGruttola and many more!