Field Rupture

Berkeley, CA

Situated in one of the ranges of the Berkeley Hills, this 1950s modern house was designed to embraced the spectacular view on one side while wrapping around the inner courtyard garden pushed against the upper stone retaining wall. This interior courtyard is the subject of design consideration for an installation driven by the desire to define the garden space with a visual destination from the interior rooms.

The ground surface is overlaid by a topological system, which is shifting and pushing up vertically forcing the surface to rupture creating a significant moment where the system of surface turn into a figure of two planes pushing against each other.

Design Team:
Raveevarn Choksombatchai, Robbie Crabtree, Jeremy Steiner

veev design: field rupture—28/03/2010
field rupture, suckerPUNCH—29/04/2010
ArchDaily Field Rupture / VeeV Design—11/07/2010
The Ground Explosion, yankodesign—25/08/2010
Field Rupture, Landscape Installation Art, A Bilingual Chinese/English Publication, Tianjin Ifeng Space Media Co., Ltd,—01/06/2013