Glance Casting

Arcadia, CA

This intimate cafe is designed and developed through multiple privileged points of view. By striking multiple lines of possible glances running through floor and wall of the cafe, two principle interior elements are brought into close visual relationship; a surpentine dining counter bar, and continuous wall bench. Designed to maximize the depth of this small 800 sqft space, dynamic sectional qualities are revealed throughout the cafe at different points of its interior.

Design Team:
Loom studio (Raveevarn Choksombatchai, and Ralph Nelson)

Honors and Exhibitions:
Minnesota AIA Honor Award for the design of Basil Cafe, Arcadia, California—1995

Basil Cafe, World Interior Design, Tokyo, Japan—01/01/1994
Design Winners, Basil Cafe Minneapolis Star Tribune, Design Award Review—01/12/1994