Inside Out

Berkeley, CA

The presence of this intervention as an independent armature residing within the framework of the existing system of the building redefines spatial enclosure of the courtyard at the scale capable of mediating the ten-storied tower in the north with the four storied-wing of Wurster hall on the south and the west. This critical scale of the courtyard provides intimacy and reclaims it as a multipurpose gathering space (outdoor exhibitions, reviews, film screening, and outdoor lectures), while maintaining its link/corridor at the larger campus scale. This newly claimed courtyard space will be enclosed with movable fabric screen on the south end and rows of bamboos on castors for mobility at the east and the southern edge.

Like a new wrapper, this proposed surface of the defined outdoor room runs into the interior and wraps around the lobby space in front of the office of Architecture Department. While the floor surface is re-defining the space of the courtyard and the second floor lobby, the same surface morphs into seating and peels away to become walls and ceiling wherever needed.

Design Team:
Raveevarn Choksombatchai, Sean Kennedy