Liquescence II

San Francisco, CA

Media: spandex, plexiglass, steel wire, and lightbox

Liquescence re-presents a state of becoming, a state in between solid and liquid, between light and shadow, the ambiguity between figure and field, and metaphorically calling upon the duality of ephemera and permanence, the virtual and the real inherent to the state of contemporary architecture. It is also intended to be a reflection of our critical moment of architectural practice, the ambiguity of what is bound and unbound by convention, order, and conformity, and the tension between intellect and viscera.

Design Team:
Raveevarn Choksombatchai, Savlan Hauser

Honors and Exhibitions:
Liquescence I and Liquescence II, A Group exhibition: Altered Practice, AIASF, Curated by Ruth Keffer, Oct 6 – Dec 16—2005