New York, NY

Media: DVD, Spandex, Aluminum Pipe Frame
Liquescence, occupied the outdoor courtyard on the first floor of the museum, was strategically located at the transition between two thematic spaces of the exhibition: “Physical” and “Fluid,” and adjacent to the Museum’s Barbara Riley Levin Conservatory.

Liquescence re-presents a state of becoming, a state of between solid and liquid, between light and shadow, figure and field, and metaphorically calling upon the duality of ephemerality and permanence, the virtual and the real inherent to the state of contemporary architecture. It is also intended to be a reflection of our collaborative practice itself which is evolving and indeterminate as process yet precise as a physical production.

Liquescence comprises three tented space, each is linked to a window overlooking the courtyard. The overall effect of Liquescence integrates the physical properties of sunlight with the digital glow emanating from a computer screen, pulsing at the rate of heartbeats. The installation serves as fluid marker of passing time as well as an ethereal foil to the landmark mansion.

Design Team:
Loom (Raveevarn Choksombatchai, Ralph Nelson, and Marc McQuade) in collaboration with Shawn Brixey
Fabrication: Moss Inc., Belfast, Maine

Honors and Exhibitions:
Liquescence, the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institute, NY, Curated by Donald Albrecht, Feb 28–Aug 06—2000

Liquescence I and Liquescence II, A Group exhibition: Altered Practice, AIASF, Curated by Ruth Keffer, Oct 6 – Dec 16—2005

Liquescence, and Knox Garden, Design Culture Now, 1st National Design Triennial Catalog, The Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, Princeton Architectural Press—01/01/2000