Minnesota Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial

Minneapolis, MN

The memorial is composed of two hemispheres bisected by an inscribed highly polished stainless steel wall trough with steps of water flow, which turns icy in winter. The bosque of white-trunk birch trees offers a vital living spirit for the lost veterans. While the highly polished stainless steel wall de-materializes, it mirrors the dense bosque of white birch, heightens awareness of cyclical nature of time and memory, and animates the otherwise still and silent place. Family, friends, and loved ones are free to appropriate a particular tree in remembrance of their lost veterans.

The design challenges the codification of form and space, neither symbolic nor prescriptive meaning of representation are proposed. Instead, the design proposes an environment where intense emotional experience can be awakened. It relies ones’ memory to reconstruct individually.

Design Team:
Loom studio (Raveevarn Choksombatchai, and Ralph Nelson)

Honors and Exhibitions:
Third Prize, Minnesota Vietnam Veterans Memorial National Competition—1990