Primitive Hut

Berkeley, CA

The task of building serves the body and its primitive physical necessities. Although architecture may accommodate physical shelter it’s task is to harbor the psyche. Architecture is free to define what is desired, not required. The primitive hut is not bound to practical necessities of mere survival; its need not provide comfort. The hut is free to respond to our primitive emotions: anger, fear, love, joy etc. The primitive hut is a human artifact. The interior structure is formed by salt-cured tissue of fibro-areolar laminae; the layer just below the skin known as the superficial facie. The superficial facie is held in tension by an armature of bony ribs bound by cured sinew.

“A made thing is a projection of a live body that itself reciprocates the live body.” Elaine Scarry in The Body in Pain

Media: silkscreen of morphed digital and photographic images on Latex

Design Team:
Loom studio (Ralph Nelson, Raveevarn Choksombatchai, and Martha McQuade)

Primitive Hut, inquiry and proposal for a primitive hut, Architecture, 01—01/01/2000