SCI-Arc, Los Angeles, CA

The workshop was designed to explore and utilize the pliable properties of soft material elements transforming soft phenomena into responsive tectonic, capable of forming self-integrated structures and offering new possibilities for the delineation of space. Acknowledging the inherent paradox between the terms soft and structure, the workshop pursued methods for inverting these normative relationships. Within the larger context of contemporary “intelligent” technologies, today’s devices and tools rely less on mechanical systems of moving parts, and more on integrated material assemblies capable of performing multiple changing functions. The workshop sought to establish bridges between “operating systems” used in our everyday environment with the tectonics of architecture.

Design Team:
An experimental design workshop led by Raveevarn Choksombatchai in collaborated with Thom Faulders of Beige Design at SCI-Arc Summer Session 2003 (work produced by a group of SCI-Arc graduate students who signed up for the Workshop)