Space in Three Folds

San Francisco, CA

This kitchen was once separated from the living room by a structural wall. This renovation of a small bachelor pad in an old Edwardian building maximizes the limited space of the existing interior by dissolving the separation between the kitchen and the living space. The structural issue was resolved by increasing the depth of the beam for longer span performance. Joining the two spaces is a large area of a multipurpose surface, seamlessly designed to create the flow from the counter height down to meet the wooden floor, emphasizing the fluidity of space and creating an illusion of a much larger space.

The multipurpose surface can be used as a work surface, dining surface, and play surface for the two children who will stay there over the weekend quite regularly, and as a storage space for the dining table, specifically designed to be able to fit in underneath this surface. The dining table is on casters for convenience of pulling out into the living space on occasion and retracting back into storing position.

Lighting and color is strategically designed to emphasize the light-weight, un-cluttered, and planar quality of the space. Both lighting and color are also used to define material hierarchy, and the organization of functional space.

Design Team:
Raveevarn Choksombatchai

The 10 kitchen + bath commandments : Space in three Folds, Kitchen Renovation, CA Home and Design—01/07/2012