Star Park

Atlanta, GA

Located on an eight acre site immediately south of the Georgia Dome, this design proposes a public park joined with a 415 car parking lot. Collaborated with an astronomer who calculates a precise celestial map at its site, we propose a map of reflected ceiling plan of the dome of the night sky. The park makes link between classical mythologies (rising as low relief figures; surfaced in athletic rubber) and contemporary sport heroes (presence through three star lights of varying size and intensity). The “ceremonial stair” functions as a platform and solar sidereal clock. At noon on the opening of the Olympic Games, the “stair” will eclipse a shadow figure at its base and a shaft of light will pass through an aperture in the eye of the “stair,” momentarily casting the sun’s eye to the ground. At night, the “stair” acts as a viewing platform for sidereal phenomena; handrails aligning with the arcs of selected stars and the north enclosure corresponding to Argo in the southern sky.

Design Team:
Loom studio (Ralph Nelson, and Raveevarn Choksombatchai)