Story of an Eye

Bangkok, Thailand

“Story of an Eye” (Based on Georges Bataille’s erotic surrealist novel written in 1928)
Site: A space in-between the two buildings marking the Mystery Ball for the Marin Headland Center for the Arts

Two layers of large pieces of fabric or opaque stretch-wrap material (used for wrapping building construction site) will be hung taut in between the two existing buildings marking the entrance into the “mystery ball.”

Two video projectors (or may be just one) project images of tiles of many eyes, some staring some blinking from the attic onto the taut fabric. In a distance, those eyes appear like simply the source of light at the entry into the “ball.” But once one gets closer, one will be conscious of being watched by those eyes. The intention for the two layers of fabric is to engage human body at more intimate scale as if ones are walking through tight space of undergarment or internal organs or ligament of one”s own body.

Design Team:
Raveevarn Choksombatchai, Principal Designer, Andrew Warner Domnitz, Michael Swaine
Installation assistants: Lucy Begg, Will Oren, and Mark Hogan, Video by Chris Gee

Honors and Exhibitions:
Story of an Eye, an installation for the entry to the 2005 “Mystery Ball,” a major annual fund-raising event of the Marin Headlands for the Arts, Oct 19—2005

Story of an Eye, a video installation for the entrance lobby to the Modern Ball Pre-Party, organized by SF Museum of Modern Art’s Contemporary Extension at the Fairmont Hotel—2007