Unlearned Krung Thep

Bangkok is one of the major global cities, a metropolis that gains many world reputations, recognitions, and notoriety over time throughout history up to present. While the city is racing to catch up with the changing global culture, new and updated infrastructure has been constructed to support contemporary urban lives as we have learned to accept for a city of the twenty-first century. Bangkok, like many modern cities, has become a part of a global network – the city and its citizen are gradually transformed and adopt its new urban syntax.

This two-week workshop is proposed as a counterpoint of a general preconception that the information technology and globalization have marred the particularity of metropolitan conditions. Transnational economic structures – branded franchise, global companies and corporations – have impacted physical manifestation of a metropolis. As a result, the proliferation of generic cities has become the twenty first century phenomena. This workshop makes an attempt to reveal and differentiate contemporary conditions where layers of local particularity montage or collide or superimpose with such generic suppositions.

As a catalyst for an innovative vision about the future of Krung-Thep, this workshop proposes to suspend our general pre-conceptions, peeled off all of its reputations and notoriety – to re-discover the city in a fresh new way. This new vision will form the basis for an ideal “architecture of the city” project that responds to its unique conditions, even if it is seemingly idiosyncratic! </description>

Design Team:
Student Work By: Pairtipa Nhokaewmul, Pattarawan Aimkamol, Kanruethai Lertmathakul, Pariyes Yaowasri, Anita tanengchuan, Kissanapun Tuncharernrat, Petcharaporn Udonchokthanabul, Kuntharika Saetung, Massawan Kaisil, Nattawut Puriwat, Putchawat Wiriyamahutthanakul, Thiwaporn Kaewkarn, Puri Tiyapongpituk, Thongtep Lalit urai, Rattapol Hattayapichat, Chotip Kollasut, Nattavut Chuaninee, Thanawut Thanawuttiporn, Wannaporn Tubkai, Korthong Thongtham Na Ayuthaya