Untitled House

UC Berkeley

Un_titled House re-investigates a design of “future living” beyond the boundary of traditional paradigm of contemporary house typology, we will identify these following systems of infrastructure:

Operational Logic of: 1. Spatial System, 2. Morphology (System of Form in relationships to Structure)>> System of Similarity and Difference >> Repetition of Heterogeneity, 3. Systems of Surface (walls, floors, and roof), and 4. Exchanges among Systems.

Material Organization:1. Matter and force Relationships >> from a static to oscillatory model >> optimization state

Based on selected systems of Infrastructure, applications in relationship to human scale are explored. By testing out the system and material possibility at three different scale, from a household object of a vase, to a chair, to a domestic space of a house, one can begin to comprehend the characteristics, behavioral, and performative potentials and constraints of the selected system.

Design Team:
Student Work By: Jane Chua, Norbert Wong, Robert Crabtree, Yan-Ping Wang, Carlos Sandoval, John Kim, Bjorn Lundquist, Melody Mak, and Matthew Oh