Woman Suffrage Memorial

St. Paul, MN

A presence of change lay at the core of the Woman Suffrage movement; the memorial reveals processes of change through physical transformations as marking of time. Challenging the neo-classical “timeless” character of the capitol mall and traditional paradigm of memorial, the design registers three specific marks of time related to specific events and phenomena; political time, biological time, geological time by means of physical interventions: a stainless steel woven trellis climbing up slope- marking the time line on which each vertical post marks a year in the suffrage movement and each horizontal steel bar marks the life-line of each individual suffragist-, plantings of native prairie and woodland wildflowers, and the earthwork.

Design Team:
Loom studio (Ralph Nelson, Raveevarn Choksombatchai, and Martha McQuade)

Honors and Exhibitions:
Woman Suffrage Memorial, a group exhibit of the competition winners, State Capitol building, St. Paul, MN—1996

First Prize, Woman Suffrage Memorial Competition—1996

Visionary Design Progressive Architecture Award, Woman Suffrage Memorial, St. Paul—1998

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