232 Wurster
In the spirit of Wurster Hall, where the building reflects the material technology and craft of its time, this renovation reveals the true juxtaposition of the glorious past and the material fabrication technology of the present. The anodized aluminum sheets express their propensities towards lightness against the monolithic dark exposed concrete of the existing wall and waffle slab.

The mailbox is composed of two large aluminum sheets, laser-cut, folded, and inter-woven to create a repetitive pattern of multiple storage spaces, while strengthening the otherwise thin sheets of metal.

The reception area is designed to create an illusion of spaciousness for the Department’s open office space, despite the fact that the space was reduced to give way to two new private offices. The new design emphasizes a very low profile reception desk that is long enough to clearly define the separation of the reception lobby and the open office area.

With a plywood frame milled via CNC to precise dimensions, the reception desk is then wrapped with anodized aluminum sheets as a finish surface. Its front surface, which is back-lit, is perforated to form the partial letters of “ARCH.” The reception counter, also fabricated from welded aluminum sheets form a lightweight cantilevered surface, extending the entire length of the desk for the display of various publications.
Berkeley, CA
Design Team:
Raveevarn Choksombatchai, Norbert Wong, Dustin Moon, Kiley Feickert, Anthony Gianini
Honors and Exhibitions:
AIA Design Award Exhibition, the AIASF Gallery, May – Aug 2014

2014 AIA Design Citation Award in Interior Architecture Category, San Francisco Chapter