Chasing the Shore
This project was a response to a call for a public artwork along the Norwalk West Avenue Corridor as a gateway to the CIty of Norwalk, Connecticut. The design pulls its inspiration from the fact that Norwalk is a coastal city where aqua culture contributed to the making of the City. Its location was determined as a distance of a "day’s walk" from the sea when it was chartered as a town in 1951. The design seeks to provoke and to shift our awareness back to the lay of the land - where the geographical nature of this local landscape was once truly its sustenance, prior to the implementation of the highway system.By introducing a lenticular method, this billboard-size bas-relief can be seen from three different directions and provide three different thought provoking messages. Due to its proximity to the busy thoroughfare, the piece is primarily experienced while one is in motion. It perpetually transforms like moving images - emitting an ephemeral quality of light.An accumulated field of characters, defined as texts will be legible at various distances. Like pixelation, as one travels toward or away, legibility changes revealing the interplay of distinct characters or images at various scales. The design pattern will be digitally printed in full color on 4'x8' aluminum sheets with lamination to protect it from elements. LED strips at the bottom of each sheet will be mounted on the structural frame, shining upward to illuminate the artwork at night.
Norwalk, Connecticut
Design Team:
Raveevarn Choksombatchai, Norbert Wong, D'Genaro Pulido
One of the three finalists