Knox Garden
Built on a tax-forfeited lot, this urban garden is in a transitional neighborhood of Minneapolis where fenced-in yards and graffiti are forms of "familiar" territorial marking. Knox Garden marks its territory with multiple transparent enclosures defined by overlapping layers of differing size and color chain-link. Functioning all year round, the garden is used for both education and recreation; the project was constructed with cast-off materials and built with volunteer labor. Two end rooms are distinctly different in color and vegetation; one is warm and the other is cool. An unfurling plane of black mesh opens into the cylindrical space at the center where a serpentine stonewall encircles an apple tree.
Minneapolis, MN
Design Team:
Raveevarn Choksombatchai, in collaboration with Ralph Nelson
Honors &
1996 Progressive Architecture Citation Award

1995 American Institute of Architecture Honor Award, Minnesota Chapter

California College of Art and Craft, San Francisco, 1996 Progressive Architecture Awards Projects, a group exhibit, Organized and curated by 2AES/Center for Critical Architecture. 1997 
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