manifold : noun : man∙i∙folda whole that unites and marks by diversity and variety

The Manifold reunites the space of the second floor lobby—a space called for by the various needs of the College of Environmental Design. The second floor lobby is also a crosspath for many students throughout the campus by the nature of the space—it is fully open as a secondary entrance towards the rear courtyard of Wurster Hall. In contrast to the building's rough exposed concrete, the manifold is lined with 3mm of soft felt on either side and operates in a range of positions to reconfigure the space for specific functions—i.e. individual work space, various sized spaces for classes, review and presentation spaces, or event reception and exhibition spaces. Through the movement of the Manifold, the space can be comprehended as one and multiple in the same instance.
Berkeley, CA
Design Team:
Raveevarn Choksombatchai, Norbert Wong, Yuxing Chen, and Mariah Smith
Fabrication & Installation:
Structural Engineer
Ian Kelso, SE Associate of Tipping Engineering