Tibetan Modern: Ice Plate & Folded Plate

This series of hand-knotted rugs was designed as part of an exhibition Tibetan Modern, Architects Collection, curated by Diane Elson of Elson + Co. benefit for Tibet House in New York City.

Defined by its profound geological formation of mountain and high plateau, Tibetan landscape with its natural forces uniquely dominate and subsume the tenuous yet rigorous cultural life. The rugs for this collection mark its topology over time. Uplifted rock, windswept snow and flowing ice are the natural causes that define the condensed cultural landscapes of each rug. Forces of erosion and shifting plate tectonics are emerging patterns revealing incidents of chance parallel to the hand-weaving process.
Design Team:
Raveevarn Choksombatchai in collaboration with Ralph Nelson
Honors and
Selected and acquired by The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art for its permanent collection

Selected Product Design 2000, by Abitare magazine, Folded Plate

Tibet House Gallery; New York, New York, October 7-30, 1999.

Limn Gallery; San Francisco, California, November 19-December 31, 1999,

The Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design, Chicago, February 14-April 1, 2000
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